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[VA] Polluted Worlds Music – Vol.1

First compilation from the Micropop crew. Autistic techno, hypnotic jams and melancholic acidities created under the smog. Listen to the underground sound of the Alpes.

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Released: 25th, april 2017
Picture: Manon Péroz
All Rights Reserved © MICROPOP RECORDS 2017

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Leonard Lampion – Low Velocity Over Electric Field (Video clip)

Music clip of Leonard Lampion – 240283 EP‘s second track by OOUkFunkyOO.
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25/07/16 Releases # , , , ,

LEONARD LAMPION – 240283 [MR003]

Leonard Lampion is signing his first release on Micropop Records with a lo-fi 12” ; 4 tunes navigating between subtle sound explorations and electro-acid lines. With rolling and tumbling bass and sharp rhythms, floating among etherial waves of synthesiser, 240283 takes us to abstract worlds ruled by the melancholy of machines.


Buy the EP on our Bandcamp (vinyl only, 250 ex. limited edition):


Released: 25th, july 2016
Vinyl Only – 250 copies
Mastered by Mathieu Berthet
Distributed by Lobster distribution
All Rights Reserved © MICROPOP RECORDS 2016

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22/02/16 Releases # , , , ,

MAXIME F – The Doom River [MR002]

Maxime F joins Micropop with a 4 track EP giving a vibrant hommage to the sound and vibe of the 90’s. As if the city had let itself drift into the early morning after a 1994 rave. The EP starts with “Achronology”, an acid crescendo of tension complemented by resonating snares, sounding something like echoes in a deep fog. Then “Russian Lies”, more sereine, stretches its long sandy synthesiser layers for a few minutes before delving into a never-ending after. On the other hand “The doom River” is pure energy, it’s bass would bounce remarkably well off the sheet metal walls of a warehouse. The EP is sealed by “Farewell to baltimore”, a break house ghetto balade that goes straight to the head and with a voice over that makes sure you remember that with Maxime F: ‘It’s just the street. And the Game. And what happened today’. Forever


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Released: 22th, february 2016
Composed & arranged by Maxime Fabre
Mastered by Mathieu Berthet
Distributed by Lobster
All Rights Reserved © MICROPOP RECORDS 2016

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24/04/15 Releases # , , ,

ÖLF – Planes EP [MR001]

Ölf, small-town duo yet unknown to the crowds make a triumphant entrance into the Micropop Records hall of fame with these three titles of their aerial, elevated and sophisticated house. “Vibe is the Vibe”, the EP’s first track, methodically unveils a slow groove over 4”18’, supported by a powerful bass; the whole complimenting angelic ethereal voices, singing their line over and over into infinity. “Planes” follows, light and timeless; the cymbals bounce softly, the whole rhythm seems to spring as a keyboard dares a few subtle notes that linger in the heights. And Finally “NNNN” lands at the end, to perfectly complete this promising EP with a pure instant of power house, with a tension rising over 7”. Just the surprise you needed to keep the dancefloor sweating.

Ölf, duo grenoblois encore inconnu au bataillon, débarque en fanfares sur Micropop Records avec 3 morceaux d’une house aérienne et classieuse. Vibe is the vibe, la première face de l’ep, déroule un groove lent et méthodique sur 4mn18, renforcé par une basse puissante soutenant des voix angéliques répétant à l’infini “you can see, were you ?”. Planes suit, légère et intemporelle; les cymbales rebondissent, le rythme entier semble rebondir et un synthé égrène quelques notes qui se délaient en altitude. Enfin, NNNN complète à merveille ce premier EP prometteur avec un pur morceau de power house qui monte en tension sur plus de 7 minutes. Parfait pour surprendre et faire suer à grosses gouttes un dancefloor qui finalement n’attendait que ça.


Buy the EP on our Bandcamp (digital only):


Released: 24th, april 2015
Composed & arranged by Simon Gallifet & Yann Poulet
Mastered by Eddy Dorigny (FromTape)
All Rights Reserved © MICROPOP RECORDS 2015

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