novembre 25, 2016



Micropop organise parties since 2012. Our moto is very simple: invite artists we wants to see, we wants to hear, with the desire of sharing them to our public.

We are very proud to invite artists like:

Helena Hauff, Randomer, Kowton, DJ TLR, Ron Morelli, Ivan Smagghe, DJ Richard, Jennifer Cardini, December, Low Jack, Remain, Carenno is LB, Tomas More, Clement Meyer…

09/09/2016 Festival Jour&Nuit, Club Caché du Palais des Sports, Grenoble, FR

Helena Hauff, Jutix, Serom, Sebic

Leonard Lampion – 240283 EP

11/06/2016 L’Ampérage, Grenoble, FR

DJ Richard, December, Akta, Waldo Von D, Phantom, Kryp

14/05/2016 L’Ampérage, Grenoble, FR

Low Jack, Serom, Omaria, Leonard Lampion

Maxime F – The Doom River EP

30/01/2016 La Belle Électrique, Grenoble, FR

Randomer, Kowton, Serom, Leonard Lampion

27/06/2015 La Belle Électrique, Grenoble, FR

Ron Morelli, DJ TLR, Serom, Paul André

09/05/15 Le Drak-Art, Grenoble, FR

Serom, Sebic, Akta, Olf, Paul André

ÖLF – Planes EP

31/01/2015 Le Drak-Art, Grenoble, FR

Remain, Serom, Omaria, Sebic

13/09/14 Le Drak-Art, Grenoble, FR

Low Jack, Omaria, Olf, Paul André, Serom

18/04/2014 Le Bal Petit Club, Grenoble, FR

Môme, Paul André, Serom

22/03/2014 Le Drak-Art, Grenoble, FR

Jennifer Cardini, Danny Benedettini, Sebic, Serom

14/06/2013 Le Drak-Art, Grenoble, FR

Carreno is LB, Binary Digit, Serom, Omaria

16/03/13 Bar MC2, Grenoble, FR

Clement Meyer, Tomas More, Binary Digit, Serom

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Micropop Records is an independent electronic music label dedicated to underground sound, martial techno and a hypnotic cerebral house music. We share our activities between our releases and events.